Our Story...

Having started out as a website design agency, offering our services to small family run businesses, we quickly realised that website design alone was not enough. It was great that our clients were happy and had amazing websites, but unless utilised correctly, a website alone will not make a business grow.

We needed to offer more if we were to truly help our clients achieve their goals, whether that be to grow their business, re-brand, increase revenue, get a better work life balance, whatever it may be. We studied the market and analysed what businesses were really missing when it came to getting the exposure they deserve and how we could help them take their business to the next level. Our conclusion - effective advertising that could get results fast.

Generating Revenue While You Sleep

Not only do we now design stunning, bespoke websites for our clients, we also ensure their new websites are put to use and given the exposure they deserve.

We plan smart and effective marketing strategies on the platforms that best fit your business, allowing us to skyrocket your revenue and give you the competitive edge online. It is time to stop giving your customers to your competition and instead, implement smart strategies to beat your competitors so their customers come to you.

About Me

Hi, my name is Petr Kadlec and I am the owner of Smart Growth Media. My objective is to help you utilise online platforms like Google and social media to increase your revenue, build your brand and grow your business.

I am driven by the smiles on my client's faces, when I have helped them achieve their goals. Whether that be to grow, solidify branding or even reach financial freedom so they can live on their own terms. Everyone has their unique reasons for becoming a business owner and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to help build that into a reality.

My personal reason is to be financially free, travel the world and provide the best possible life for me and my family. I am passionate about helping others succeed and have always had a strong interest in marketing and the internet, which is why I built Smart Growth Media.

I started out in search engine optimisation, learning from the likes of Kotton Grammer, Greg Morrison and Stephen Floyd (some of the best SEO experts in the world). I then took an interest in other forms of advertising, mainly social media due to the speed at which it is possible to generate results and also due to the fact that so many businesses do not utilise social media effectively. I am part of digital marketing masterminds run by digital marketing gurus like Mike Long, Tai Lopez, and Alex Becker to ensure I stay on top of what works, thereby continuing to bring amazing results to my clients.

I look forward to finding out about your business and your goals, and if we are a good fit, potentially working together.

All the best,